The benefits for both Farmers and Organisations seeking trades share much in common, and form the strength of EFG. Both sides match each other well in a transparent marketplace.

Why would you as a farmer or landowner think of joining EFG?

  • It’s your land – control and improve its environmental future on a large scale
  • By working together at a large landscape scale, you can achieve ambitious environmental outcomes
  • Use the power of a group to negotiate and improve environmental trades
  • Create a single point of contact and a brand to market your environmental benefits
  • Increase opportunities to make contact with trade-seekers 
  • Remove duplication of effort in understanding new trading markets
  • Keep control of your existing E/HLS, CSS and future ELM schemes
  • Facilitates larger-scale thinking if desired
  • Enjoy accelerated news of developments
  • Control of shared income via an agreed model

Advantages for the developer, local authority, business/commercial entity, finance house of dealing with EFG

  • Deal with recognised counter-party
  • Secure farmer-led environmental credentials
  • Enjoy convenience of a single contact to discuss multiple trades
  • Access your scale from the outset: individual farmer, Farmer Cluster or catchment
  • Backed by science-led conservation charity Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust
  • Recognise solid governance with transparent operating rules