Joining EFG

There are many reasons as a farmer to join the EFG. If you are interested to join or learn more about the group, please fill in an expression of interest form by filling in the ‘Expression of Interest’ form here.

Express an Interest in Joining »

There are no commitments with filling in this form, but it allows us to understand how we can facilitate new farmer groups and keeps you in the loop with news and events put on by EFG.

Once you have filled in this form, you will be contacted by the EFG team about the next steps to becoming an EFG member:

  • If you are already within an EFG area, you will be sent a Membership Application Pack with all the information about the obligations and benefits of becoming a member.
  • If you are out of a current EFG area, we will speak to you further about any activity in your area and setting up a new EFG ‘cell’.